Two City Workers Clear The Path For Love


Bud Caldwell, a Fond Du Lac city resident, is on a mission every day since the passing of his beloved wife nearly two years ago. His wife, Betty, is in his heart and mind every morning and visits a bench he purchased in her memory after her death. The bench is located in Fond Du Lac Park. Mr. Caldwell never misses a day to visit the bench and talk to his late wife. He even leaves her two gifts each day – a penny and a daisy – in remembrance of their two favorite songs.

But one day, he couldn’t make it to his memorial bench due to heavy snow that covered the path leading to his wife’s memorial. That is, until two City of Fond Du Lac Park employees noticed there was a problem. So both men approached Mr. Caldwell to assure him he would make it to visit his wife that day. The men gathered shovels and supplies and cleared the path for safe passage.

Since the day the park employees cleared the walkway, Mr. Caldwell hasn’t missed the opportunity to tell his wife just how important she is and how much he misses her. The city workers have vowed to make sure the path is clear of snow for the remainder of the winter season, and make sure that the path of love that Mr. Caldwell, so desperately, seeks is clear each and every day. Please share this touching store on Facebook.

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