These Two Dogs Hooked Up Their Owners, See How Special It Was… WOW!


Everything was going in the tight way for Venice and Rodd, two adorable Labradors who met and within a day forged a strong bond. They had met during a dog training and when the time to depart came, their sadness was evident. That was the start of the big story.

Mark Gaffey and Claire Johnson noticed that their dogs had fallen in love and decided that they were going to meet from time to time so that they can enjoy being near each other. While it was expected to be a date between the two dogs, their human owners also started developing something special for each other – they also fell in love.

Who could have expected a doggy connection to lead to a human love story? Literally, they had been hooked up by their dogs and it was the start of something cute.

Please watch the video below and see how everything turned out and how special it was. It is a most you can’t miss SHARING with your Twitter and Facebook friends, kindly do so!

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