Two Female Police Officers Work Hours to Prevent Man From Ending His Life


This video is one that will touch your emotions in a variety of different ways. You may feel sadness, anger, and even disbelief. When two female officers got the call a man was hanging from the overpass and threatening to jump to his death, they did what any officer would and dropped everything to run to help. For hours, the man would vacillate between jumping and getting help. Just when the two officers had made headway, a passerby yelled to him to get it over with and just jump.

Thankfully, this video has a happy ending and the man did agree to come down and get help. Unfortunately, this is not the first time he has been up on the bridge and threatened to jump. These officers showed him a level of compassion he has likely never experienced. If only we could all realize the power of our words and work to help people instead of pulling them down! If this video touches your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook!