Two Future Grandparents Are Given the Good News as a Result of a Surprise Interview Situation


People announce their pregnancy plans to their parents and other folks all the time. Few people have announced their pregnancy plans in a manner as innovative as this, however. A collection of people get together. The camera cuts between different locations of different people together, as if they have all been brought together for the sake of a documentary, even though they are all in different locations.

Many of them don’t seem to know why they’re there, even though their names and relationship designations appear written onscreen. However, the purpose soon becomes clear when one of the couples is handed a board that says ‘Grandparents Starting in April 2016.’ When they see what is written there, they are overjoyed. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it does demonstrate a creative way to deliver a pregnancy announcement, and it is a genuinely touching video to watch for new grandparents everywhere.

Daniel Woods