Two Sisters Beautifully Harmonize During Their Blind Audition Of “Landslide”


Whitney and Shannon are two sisters who look alike, talk alike, and sing alike. When you see this video of their blind audition on The Voice, it is absolutely going to blow you away! These young ladies are full of so much talent and their voices harmonize so beautifully, you will not be able to believe your ears. This is a video everyone is going to want to see because these girls are going to be famous one day!

Each one of the coaches turns around for this amazing blind audition. You will have to watch to the very end so you can see which coach they choose to help them rise to the top. Their version of “Landslide” is based on the Dixie Chicks’ version but they harmonize so smoothly, they make it their own. What beautiful voices these two young ladies have! After you have enjoyed the video, Please SHARE on Facebook.