Two Teens With Rare Congenital Disorder Ban Together To Stop Bullying


Austin and Elena are two teens that suffer from Goldenhar Syndrome which is a rare congenital birth defect that causes the face to be deformed. This condition usually affects one side of the face only, though it can affect both. These two sweet kids wanted to make a video so they could talk about bullying and how to stop it. They want to help other kids who are being bullied like them and raise awareness about this important issue.

When you see these two talking about the pain they have felt from bullies, it will break your heart. The mission they are on is an honorable one because they want to help others by showing what they have been through themselves. Bringing this subject to light is crucial for making sure bullying stops all around the world. As they say, those being bullied need to band together and stop the hate! Enjoy this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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