Two-Year-Old Was Found Alive After Being Missing For Two Days!


Rainn Peterson was staying at her grandparent’s house when the unthinkable happened and she managed to get away from them and go missing. For two days, police and volunteers scavenged the area, searching and praying they would find her. This video features the emotional 911 call that was made when a volunteer found the little girl and knew she was alive.

What an amazing miracle this was! Her family was growing weary because they were afraid something bad had happened to the little girl but thankfully, she was found alive and well. Although she was wet, hungry, and tired, she will be just fine. This amazing moment will forever be remembered by Rainn’s family and the community. Her rescuer will never forget the emotion he felt when he heard her little cry. Make sure you watch this amazing video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook with everyone you know.