Two-Year-Old Makes Surprising Decision When Faced With A Moral Dilemma!


When you see this video, you will have no choice but to laugh out loud. This kid’s shocking solution to a moral dilemma presented to him by his father is quite hilarious. The dad places a person on one side of the track and several people on the other and has his son choose which way the train will go. It looks as if the little boy is trying to save all the people but then he just sends the train plowing right into them!

When you hear him say “Uh Oh”, that is the most hilarious portion of the entire video. His psychology professor dad wanted to present this moral dilemma to him, thinking he would want to save the people but instead he killed them all with the train. A serious moment just became a funny one in the space of one minute! If this video makes you laugh, Please SHARE on Facebook.