Two-Year-Old Spreads The Love With Her Exuberant Hugs


Leighton is a two-year-old who absolutely adores hugging her family and even her dog. In this video, she is spreading the love between her parents and the family dog, making sure they all know how very much she loves them. This is the sweetest moment and it was all caught on video by her proud dad! It is amazing to see little kids because they are always so accepting and loving of others.

Can you imagine the joy Leighton brings to her parents each day? She does not let a moment go by without letting those around her know how much she loves them. If we could all be like little Leighton, this world would certainly be a better place to live in! This little girl surely lights up the room anytime she is around. Don’t miss out on this video and your chance to smile today and Please SHARE on Facebook right away.