Two Young Girls are United Through a Single Boy Who Changed Both Their Lives Forever


This video appears just like any other coming of age celebration at first. At Monique Salinas’ quinceanera, there is a surprise guest that she will likely never forget. In this story, we learn that Monique’s brother, Mikey had passed away ten years earlier. We also learn about eighteen-year-old Aubrey Reeves who suffered from an autoimmune disease that had caused her to reject two previously donated hearts. After almost giving up on ever finding another donor, they found a perfect match in Mikey’s heart and kidneys!

At this amazing celebration, Monique is about to get the shock of her life as she hears her brother’s heart beat inside Monique’s chest. This special moment will quickly have you in tears and make you realize just how important it is to become an organ donor. As you cry with this special video, you will want to pull your loved ones closer than ever before! If you enjoy this video, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see how special it is!

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