Unclog that Toilet Without a Plunger With Melissa’s Help


It’s everybody’s worst nightmare. You flush the toilet and instead of going down, it just fills up and runs over before you can rush to the turnoff valve and turn off the flow of water. Or worse yet, you don’t even know where that darn turnoff valve is and you end up with a flood on your hands.
So, maybe you don’t have a plunger to come to the rescue in a situation like this. What do you do? Well, this video from Clean My Space will help you with unclogging that toilet without a plunger. Melissa to the rescue with step-by-step simple instructions to do just that.

She’ll show you how to use dish-washing liquid and some hot water, then after waiting 20 minutes, some more hot water, and then flush. Hopefully, this should clear up the clog. She shows that it does by actually flushing a burrito down the toilet! And, her bright winning smile makes unclogging your toilet look like fun!

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