An Unconventional and Quick Method of Removing Baby Teeth


Young kids all have to lose their baby teeth eventually in order to make room for their adult teeth. Actually physically removing them can be something of a difficult and slightly painful task. Many young children have a fairly low threshold for pain, and taking out their baby teeth can be physically and emotionally difficult for them.

Some kids will end up doing it gradually, so they’re stuck with individual baby teeth until they fall out on their own. Other kids will try to remove them quickly, in the manner of ripping off a bandage. The girl in this video definitely chooses the latter strategy. She rips the tooth out of her mouth using a sling-bow as her parents record the event. People will be able to see it in slow motion and in real time when they watch the video. This should be a hilarious video that anyone on Facebook could relate to, since they have all had to cope with baby teeth directly or indirectly.

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