Unexpected Friend Rescues Two Dogs Stuck In A Canoe. Unbelievable!


What you are about to see in the following video will surely shock you. A black lab turned out to be hero when he took it all by himself to save two of his friends who had found themselves trapped in a canoe situated in a turbulent river. We all are aware that dogs are very brave animals who can risk their lives in order to save others, and the video below is a proof.

In the video below which became so popular, we find two pups totally confused on what to do, who are in a canoe. The water force then pushes the canoe which begins moving downstream. Seeing this, the dogs get even more stranded. The canoe owner, who is the dog owner too, tires all he can to maintain calmness in the two dogs. Then the black lab jumps into action by diving into the river to go rescue his friends.
Being a good swimmer, the lab swims and gets hold of a rope that is attached in front of the canoe. Once in hold of the rope, he drags the canoe to the shore. Seeing the lab in a rescue action, the owner cheers him up to continue.
Reaching the shore, the dogs get off the canoe and begin to wag their tails as a sign of thankfulness.

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