The Unforgettable Story of The Mansfield Family and Their Visit to the Magical Walt Disney World


There is no place on Earth more magical than Walt Disney World! When the Mansfield family were told they would be able to go on a trip to this imaginative destination, they did not expect to experience what was before them.

Each member of this special family has a hearing impediment so they use sign language to communicate with each other and the world around them. Unfortunately, this is not always easy since not everyone can sign! In this beautiful video, you will get to experience the joy of seeing the Mansfield children and their parents respond when their favorite Disney characters are able to sign to them.

This is one of the most touching videos you will likely see. It is such a joy to see this beautiful family free to enjoy life in one of the most exciting places on the planet! As you watch this video, do not be surprised if a huge smile crosses your face. Check out this Disney moment and then Please SHARE on Facebook!

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