Unique Water Bottle And Golf Club Trick Is Taking The World By Storm


Andrew Borys is a skillful trickster that loves playing around with golf clubs and water bottles. When you see this amazing trick, you will want to try it out for yourself. All you need to do is use a filled water bottle and a golf club. If you watch the video to the end, you just might figure out the secret that allows Andrew to successfully land the water bottle flip each and every time, for sixteen times in a row!

Andrew’s trickster challenge is amazing the world. Although it takes some skill and coordination, if you follow his masterful techniques in the video, you will soon be able to land the flips yourself. Although some of them slightly shake and threaten to fall, each one sticks until the very last one that goes crashing to the ground. Check out Andrew’s water bottle and golf club trick and then Please SHARE on Facebook so others can try.