Urban Dance Camp Performance to “Say My Name” Will Blow Your Mind


The young girl dancing in this video is one talented young lady! This entire performance was choreographed by Koharu Sugawara Dance and it is amazing to watch. Dancing to Destiny Child’s “Say My Name”, this young lady has created a dance routine that will blow your mind! It is so fun to watch her move perfectly to the music as if she and the music are one. It takes a lot of talent to be able to pull this type of routine off and make it memorable but this young lady has no trouble in that department.

As you watch this amazing video, pay close attention to the choreography because it brilliantly tells the story of the lyrics. Each year, the Urban Dance Camp is held and dancers from all over the world attend, teaching one another their dance skills. What a truly awesome opportunity for any dancer! If you think this young lady rocked this song, Please SHARE on Facebook.