“Vicious” Bull Dog Protects His Home From A Ghost


In this video, you will meet Porkchop, an English Bull Dog who is very protective of his family. As you will see in the video, a ghost or perhaps the wind, is opening and closing the screen door, making Porkchop very uneasy. He is ready to attack at any minute and will not allow this ghost to enter his home and steal his food. When a sudden gust of wind hits, this “brave” soldier runs for cover.

It is so funny to see this little guy in action. He is putting up a brave front and wants to know who is opening his screen door. It bothers him that he cannot see the intruder but he knows he is there so he will sit there and bark and bark to scare him away. It is so fun to see him trying to stand his ground and protect his territory. Enjoy this cutie and Please SHARE on Facebook.