This Video Encourages You to Look Up From Your Phone and Experience Real Life


In the age of technology, most people have a cell phone or some type of handheld device that allows them to connect to the Internet. Through social media, we often feel we are reaching and making friends all over the world but what are we missing out on in return? When you watch this video, it will truly begin to make you think about yourself and the world around you. Are you always on your phone? Are you always looking down at the screen? How about looking up and noticing the real world for a change!

What a true message this video offers! It speaks to, not just this generation, but the past and future ones as well. We as a society must step away from our phones and learn to experience true life again. Our children are being raised by electronics and this is not okay! Yes, phones are sometimes necessary but they need not control your life. If you feel passionate about this subject, Please SHARE on Facebook!

Gary Turk