This Video Features A Very Brave and Kind Woman Who Walks Three Miles To Save A Dog


During this video, you will find a really kind person who tried to save a dog that was tied to a pole. The dog who was very scared was barking loud at the woman that was trying to save him. The pooch who felt threatened was doing his best to keep her away from him. But this did not stop the woman from getting hold of his collar and leash. After she got the dog away from the pole and to safety, she herself fell on hard times.

The woman had to move out of her home and into her van with her three cats. Not being able to take care of the dog, she reached out for someone to take him in. But even the police could not help her. After calling around, she found an animal rescue group that would take in the dog but they had no way to come get him.

So this brave woman walked three miles in the dark just to get the dog to the shelter.This act proved that she really cared a lot about the dog. Thankfully, not long after the dog was at the shelter he was adopted by a family. Please SHARE this heartwarming story with your friends on Facebook.