A Video That Sarcastically Offers Essential Parenting Advice


Many parents are getting together online and sharing their tips for raising children, and plenty of them are choosing to do so in a humorous way. The woman in this video is offering tips on raising bratty kids for the sake of encouraging people to do the opposite. The sarcastic format allows her to mine the situation for humor, while oddly making her appear less judgmental than she might appear otherwise. The format also makes the video more entertaining.

She offers four different tips on raising bratty kids, or four factors that can contribute to the development of what is considered to be ‘bratty’ behavior. The video comes complete with demonstrations of this bratty behavior. Her deadpan delivery makes the video funnier and more effective. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since it can provide some advice that will be useful for some parents, and which will make other parents feel more validated.

Kristina Kuzmic