This Video of a Toddler and his Dog will Melt your Heart


This video is probably the cutest thing you’ll see today on the internet. You do not need to be a dog lover to love this video. It shows a child’s relationship with its dog and just how much dogs can love you back.

We all know that a dog is the best friend you can get, turns out that are the best friends of a child too. The dog stays with the child and the amount of fun they have is unimaginable. For those who know, dogs can be extremely sensitive creatures and they understand things very well. Here the dog is playing with the kid like his friend – they fight over a piece of cloth and they fight over ball. The dog helps the child open doors and they even sleep together on the sofa.

There is a scene where the child hugs the dog that will just melt your heart – it’s a simple scene that shows the bonding between the two and how much dogs can love you back. There is another scene which shows the child offering food to the dog and it is just beautiful. The relationship between the innocent child and a dog is probably the best friendship ever. Please SHARE it on Facebook.