Videos Against Road Rage


Road rage is a very serious problem that doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention. People focus a great deal on driving under the influence of drugs or driving while using cell phones, which are both important topics. However, an indeterminate number of car accidents can be traced to angry drivers that can’t contain or control their rage. This video is a public service announcement about the potential risks of road rage that was produced by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and other organizations.

There are numerous risks attached to road rage. This video highlights one of the often neglected risks: road rage may lead drivers to angrily confront strangers, which is an inherently risky action that they may not have taken under other circumstances. This video depicts a driver falling victim to that error, and the video fades out before the viewers get to see the anticipated violent consequences of his mistake.

The video ends with text that blatantly warns the viewers about the potential risks associated with road rage. It’s a very brief video that isn’t even a minute long, but it still manages to create a powerful impression. It would be a great video to share on Facebook, given that it provides an important message in an entertaining package.

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