Viewing the Delta Honor Guard in Action


The tragedies involving fallen soldiers are recognized across political lines. Centrists, liberals, and conservatives are all horrified at the loss of soldiers, even though they will interpret the situation differently based on their particular political philosophies. Many people have family members in the military, and watching videos like this one will probably make them feel very emotional.

The popular patriotic song God Bless the U.S.A is playing in the background as viewers watch as a coffin containing a fallen soldier is treated with the respect that the soldier deserves. Viewers will get to watch some of the ceremony that marks the occasion. Between the music and the reactions of everyone involved in the video, it is easy for viewers to share in their grief and feel patriotic at the same time. While many videos regarding the subject are controversial, this is a video that should actually be able to unite people across the political spectrum, making it a good choice for a Facebook video.