Violent Couple Tries To Steal A Baby, Then The Family Pit Bull Does The Necessary. Watch!


So this lady, Nayeli, is busy nursing her 3-month-old daughter when a couple comes into her home. The male is wielding a gun!

The violent crooks want money, but Nayeli has none.They even hit her with the gun when she tries running away. The female criminal decides to walk out with the baby, but there’s something she doesn’t know about this close-knit family.

Outside, two serious Pit Bulls are winding their time, but their attention is suddenly aroused when they see their little sister being carried away by a strange woman. These dogs love their sister too much to let any whack walk away with her. They snare and snarl and growl at the terrified woman till she gives the baby back to Nayeli and flees!

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