Viral Sensation Chewbacca Mom Sings “Star Spangled Banner”

Okay, by now most everyone on the planet has become acquainted with Chewbacca Mom and her famous laugh. It seems people cannot get enough of this lady! In this video, she is at the Minute Maid Park, singing “Star Spangled Banner”. Surprisingly, this lady can really sing and wows the crowd with her patriotic number. What an honor to be able to perform before a stadium full of baseball fans!

At the Astros vs. Mariners game, Chewbacca Mom becomes the star of the show, thrilling everyone with her beautiful voice. She even hits all the high notes with ease, proving she is more than just a mom with a Chewbacca mask. It is amazing to watch her singing with all her heart and actually doing an awesome job! Who knew that singing voice was behind the funny mask! If you love Chewbacca Mom, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy this video and see her true talent.

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