Virtual Reality Might be a Shock to The Elderly


With phone technology constantly evolving it can be hard for the elderly to keep up with everything. Now you can buy a cardboard holder for your phone that will then use virtual reality technology to show you what happens in real life. It’s a great little tool that holds your phone and straps around your head so you are only watching what happens on the screen of your phone. It brings reality to those that were not able to experience the event for themselves.

In this little video it shows an 89-year-old grandmother that is experiencing this technology for the first time herself. She has the device strapped to her head and the video they are showing her is of a roller coast ride they took when they were on vacation in Hawaii. It must really be working as she seems to think she is really on the roller coaster as she starts screaming and moving along the couch as if she were really in the roller coaster herself. She evens calls out for someone to not leave while she is starting the video. Everyone else in the background is laughing at grandma’s expense as she tries this out. It will definitely make you want to try it out for yourself.

Mark Nutt