The Voice Italy is stunned by Singing Nun


Nuns are often associated with strictness, up-tightness and a lack of fun. This preconception is clearly false. As the judges hear the joyful music emanating from Suor Cristina Scuccia, they accept her and turn their chairs around. When they turn and find that this music is issuing from the habit clad sister, their jaws drop to the floor.

This 25 year old woman defies all stereotypes associated with nuns. This is so obviously the case, that the judges ask her if she is a real nun. After replying in the affirmative, they still don’t quite believe her.

Cristina has such a unique and wonderful persona, that all of the judges find themselves bickering over the habit clad diva. Her singing displays the reality that a book can never be judged by its cover.

Great mysteries are hidden within each of us, and even the most unlikely sources can produce incredible music. If you liked this video, please share in Facebook.