The Voice Kids Battle It Out To See Who Will Rise To The Top


This video is full of some of the most amazing battles you have ever seen from The Voice. Although these kids are battling it out, they are really too cute to do any damage. They are so adorable and are truly talented. If you were a coach, you would want every single one of them to win! What a difficult choice this would be if you were put in charge of judging!

When you see these trio battles, you will smile because these kids are so utterly cute! Even though they are adorable, that is not what gets them chosen in the competition. Each of these kids has truly worked hard to prove their talent to the coaches and the world and you will have to watch the full video to determine which ones are the winners. All of these cuties deserve the win but even if they do not, they are sure to have an awesome career ahead of them! Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.