Waitress Receives A Hugely Generous Tip From A Group Of Church Members


This video was created by a church that wished to do a random act of kindness to help a stranger. As the waitress came to take the money, the man asks her how much she wants for a tip. When he hands her $100, she cannot believe his kindness! Evidently, she was going through a financial crisis because she asked how he knew. Then, he gives her more and more money, bringing tears to her eyes. God sent these men to help this waitress in her time of need and it will bless your heart!

Paying it forward is something everyone can do in some small way. It is amazing the difference a person can make in someone else’s life! It is important kind acts like this one are spread far and wide around the world. If this video made you tear up, Please SHARE on Facebook for all the world to see.

CityHill Church