Walk Off The Earth Performs Brilliant Cover Of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer”


This is a quirky video performance that will have you smiling from the very moment the first guy turns around and begins playing his guitar. It is so fun to see their version of “Closer” so make sure you do not miss a single second of this video. They way they play their instruments and blend their voices will absolutely amaze you! From the tapping of the guitars to the unique way they interact with one another, this video is a lot of fun to watch.

When you see them performing this amazing The Chainsmokers cover, you will immediately become addicted and want to hear it again and again. This video is going to become the classic go-to song for feeling upbeat, no matter how your day is. This song is so full of energy and Walk Off The Earth knows how to rock it from the very opening beat. After you enjoy the video, Please SHARE on Facebook.