Little Boy Bullied At School Cries Over Surprise Puppy


After being bullied at school, this sweet little boy is surprised with a puppy by his family. He is so overwhelmed by the wonderful gift that he cries tears of happiness.

The schoolboy, Jensen, was walking into his house one day when his family had a box waiting for him in the living room. After he takes off his coat, Jensen’s grandad starts leading him to the surprise that awaits him.

“Guess what? You know we bought you something,” says his grandad.

That’s when Jensen goes to open the box on the floor and gasps when he sees what’s inside.

“A puppy,” Jensen exclaims. “It’s a puppy!”

He starts crying happy tears over the special gift, because it is something that he has been wanting for a long time. His family decided that this would be a great gift to cheer him up after the bullying he had been experiencing at school.

His mother asks him if he’s happy about the puppy, to which Jensen replies while he is wiping his tears, “I’m so happy.”


His family asks about the new pet’s name and Jensen calls him Buddy the Elf, without hesitation.

While he is cuddling his new puppy on the couch, Jensen introduces the pup to the family.

“So, Buddy, this is my mummy, and this is my grandad who’s taking a video of you, and this is my nana.”

Finally, he introduces himself to Buddy. “I am Jensen, your bestest friend now.”

What an adorable and kind little boy! It is clear that there is already so much love between Jensen and Buddy, and I’m sure the pair will continue to grow closer and bring each other so much happiness for years to come.

Source: godtube