Ward Miles – Miracle Child

Witness the remarkable and inspiring story of Ward Miles, a baby born extremely prematurely whose life depended on his strong will to live and the will of God to keep him alive. See the intense emotions on the mother’s face as she goes from believing that her tiny son is sure to die to realizing the struggle that they have overcome together with the help of God.

This video follows the loving mother and son through Ward’s first year of life, a year that without God’s love he would not have been able to experience. Have your heart warmed and happy tears brought to your eyes when you see Ward grown into an absolutely adorable baby boy whose vivacity and love for life shines through his eyes even at a young age.

Stories like this are some of the most inspiring and beautiful in the world, and should be seen by everyone. If you were touched by Ward’s story, share this video with all of your friends on Facebook so that they can have a bit more beauty in their lives too.

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