Warming Tale of Baby Goat Being Reunited With His Mother


Family bonds go far beyond the human race – if you were in any doubt, just check out this video of baby Gus Gus being reunited with his mother.

Gus Gus, a goat, was apparently dumped and found in a ditch before being found and taken to a pet store. The hungry and bleating goat hadn’t had much to cheer about, but was incredibly excitable just before being reunited. Many spectators were there to see the adorable moment, and the two goats immediately began to play with each other.

It truly was a great job by PetSmart and the man who found the goat. Without their efforts it’s possible that the mother and child may never have found each other again. The video has gone viral and more videos of the cute baby Gus Gus are expected to be released soon. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.