Watch the Amazing Transformation of a Dandelion From Flowering Bud to Seed Head


This is likely a video subject you have never seen before! Most people walk past dandelions and never think twice about them. Perhaps you are one that played with them as a child, making a wish as you blew the seeds high into the air. You have likely never seen the full progression this weed must go through as it transforms from its golden yellow flower to its puffy white seed head.

In this time-lapse video, you get to witness the full transformation these pretty weed flowers go through as they change throughout their lifespan. It is amazing to watch as each step in the process takes place and the weed begins slowly morphing into something entirely different than before. Next time you pull those pesky dandelion weeds from your lawn or garden, you will think back on this video and realize how much they go through just to survive and repopulate with a new generation. Check out this cool video and Please SHARE on Facebook!

Neil Bromhall