Watch This Cute Dog Refuse to Dog Paddle Like His Friends in the Pool


When most dogs hit the water, they instinctively begin to dog paddle; it’s just what they do! In this video, you get to witness a little cutie who simply refuses to do the natural thing. Although he does not mind being in the water, he just stands there while the rest of his dog friends are swimming about, jumping in the pool, and having fun. When you see the expression on his face, you will not be able to hold back your smile!

This video is truly one of the cutest things you will ever see! Although everyone around him is having a blast, he is not that into the water and certainly does not want to work up a sweat. It is so funny to see him standing perfectly still while all the chaos ensues around him. If you think this dog is just too adorable for words, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy.

CBS News