Watch Darling Dog’s Expression When He Learns Another Treat Is On Its Way


This video stars Norbert, a sweet little dog who truly loves receiving treats from his owner. When Norman receives his normal treat, he quickly downs it, enjoying every bite of the treat. Soon, he discovers his owner is offering another treat and the expression that comes over his little face is absolutely priceless! This is a video, you will want to watch again and again just so you can see his cute look!

If you were Norbert’s owner, you would likely want to fill his little belly with treats because he is so cute when getting one! You have never seen a more adorable dog moment than you are about to see! Little Norbert clearly loves the treats his owner gives him and he cannot believe he has been blessed with the opportunity to eat more than one. When you see his expression, you may want to pause the video, just so you can bask in all the cuteness. Check it out and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

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