Watch The Laziest Dog Ever Fail To Listen To His Owner’s Attempts To Get Him Up In This Video


This lazy dog will have you laughing before long! Watch this video to see how one man tries to get his dog to move up off the ground, but the dog is just not cooperating! The dog does not want to leave the park, and he lets his owner know that. He just lays still on the grass, despite all of his his owner’s efforts.

Watch as the man does everything that he can to try to get the dog to come up on his feet, and fails miserably. You will be laughing before long when you see all that goes on with this lazy dog!

After much coaxing from his owner, the dog finally finds his feet and follows behind him to leave the park. This is a hilarious video, and you should make sure to SHARE it with all of your friends on Facebook once you are finished watching it, so that they can see it.