Watch a Mesmerizing Russian Folk Dance


Russia has a rich dance culture which stems back into time and has developed over the years into a complex and vivid form of modern dance. In this short five minute video we see a Russian folk dance that has been carried out by selection of well trained individuals. The video takes place in a large concert hall and the dancers all carry out a traditional dance that is calming but beautiful.

As the dance develops we see the traditional styles that were used in Russian folk dancing but that are now being developed in modern culture. A selection of interesting techniques take place, such as that of the females moving as if they are not walking but hovering, thanks to the use of their long dress.

The dance is also interesting as it explores a selection of different patterns that are created by the female dancers. This is unlike dancing that we usually know and the females all move in a very calming and subtle way. To watch the full video and experience this strange but interesting Russian folk dance for yourself, click on the following link.