Watch The New URL Badman Official Video By Lily Allen


This is Lily Allen official music video for the track- URL Badman, which is probably one of the best songs in her new album ‘sheezus.’ I don’t know what will keep you glued to the video; her pretty face, perfect shape, amazing voice or the creativity and message behind her new video. If you are already her fan, then you probably know what you are going to be looking for in this video. If it is your first time you are hearing of Lily Allen, then this is the video that will get you to like her and check out more of her music.
The clip begins with a guy, probably a geek, glued to his computer that he gets angry at his mom who is asking him to take his dinner. Lily then appears behind him with the first verse of the song. The effects are nice and the rainbow impressions are also pleasant. You will have to watch the video to see why people are all jazzed about the video.
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