Watch Simone Biles’ Practice As She Perfectly Maneuvers The Balance Beam


Simone Biles is a nineteen-year-old Olympic star that is gaining a lot of attention from all over the world. In this video, she is practicing on the balance beam to prepare for the Olympic Trials. As you watch her perform, it is amazing to see her in action! She flawlessly maneuvers the balance beam in this video, never once losing her footing or missing a step. What an amazing young performer who deserves to win the gold medal!

It takes a great amount of skill and power to be able to perform on the balance beam. One wrong move and you can easily fall, or worse, be hurt! Seeing truly powerful athletes like Simone is a joy! This is history in the making! Seeing her do this well doing practice gives great hope of how she will perform in the Olympics. If you believe Simone Biles is a true star, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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