Watch Steve Harvey Attempt to Do The DLow Shuffle


Haven’t heard of the DLow shuffle? Where have you been? This dance is sweeping the Internet and causing kids all over the country to break out their own dance moves. On The Steve Harvey Show, the creator of this dance craze is going to show Steve how to break it down. This video will have you laughing as you see Steve’s attempt at performing this popular dance move. Can he get it or does he fail? Only you can be the judge!

If you are a fan of Steve Harvey, you do not want to miss his reaction to this dance! His hilarious antics make the audience laugh hysterically. As you see him finally give in to the music, you will not be able to contain your excitement! Steve may not be right in step with the other dancers but he certainly holds his own! If you love Steve Harvey’s DLow Dance, Please SHARE on Facebook so all his fans can enjoy!

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