Watch a strange noise appear outside a window


There are many videos across the Internet that show strange and weird things that are taking place around the world. It is difficult to tell whether these videos are fakes or whether they are real and some of them will remain unsolved. This is the case for this video which shows a man opening his window to a landscape where a strange sound seems to be coming. There is also a boy standing in the street who is mesmerized by the strange sound.

This is a creepy and weird video and may scare some individuals who watch it. The sound that seems to be coming from the valley that is directly out of the window has a strange quality to it and almost sounds like chanting. However, it is very difficult to tell what the noise actually is and even if you watch the video, you will still be confused. However, if you want to SHARE it on popular social networks then post it on Facebook and other social platforms for others to see.

Papa Schlumpf