Watch This Surprise Explosion of Levain in an Industrial Kitchen


This is one of those video productions you do not need to understand the language to enjoy. As the video opens, a chef is carefully opening what appears to be some type of package. He may seem overly cautious but there is a reason for his careful approach. As he unwinds the binding string, you can see his face is showing signs of concern. What could be in this strange package that is causing the chef to feel nervous? As you watch, you will soon find out!

Inside this bundled package lies a large amount of levain, called sourdough starter in the states. This substance is much like yeast dough. Because it was tightly bound inside the package, it was not allowed to rise normally so it gained a tremendous amount of pressure. When you see this package finally unwrapped, what happens next is hilarious! Make sure you are prepared for the big surprise. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy seeing.