Watch as Three Youngsters Masterfully Perform “Fireflies” on The Voice Kids


When Dave, Eleni, and Linnea come together in this video performance, the results are astounding. When they are revealed on stage and the opening notes to Fireflies begins playing, their voices soon rise in harmony, creating an incredibly adorable version of the hit song by Owl City. As you watch this video from The Voice Kids, make sure you have your speakers turned up nice and loud so you can hear these three angelic voices combine.

There is nothing like listening to talented kids show their talent for the world to see! These three pair their voices perfectly together to create an outstanding performance that will blow your mind. It is clear to see these kids have a long and prosperous future ahead of themselves if they keep pursuing this art they know so well. Enjoy this beautiful performance of Fireflies and then Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can enjoy it.

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