Watch These Two Singers Blow This Song Away


This video is simply amazing! If you are a fan of music then you have to see it for yourself. These two talented singers, who appeared on the 2014 season of The Voice kids, really wowed crowds around the world when they battled. Now you will get to hear this amazing battle yourself!

As you will see in the video, both singers do a really good job of covering the song “All of me”, originally performed by singer John Legend. But which singer did a better job? While the video doesn’t show the results of who won this sing off, many would say that the singer on the right is better. But others will say it’s the singer on the left that won.

But whoever wins this amazing battle will surely move ahead in the competition. So if you love to hear talented people sing, you should really check out this video. If you do, it will be music to your ears.