Watch This Video Of Strangers Who Get To Learn That It’s Important Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover


This video is about strangers who are brought together in a round table, but in the dark such that they cannot see each other. They go round the table each individual introducing himself and what he does for a living or otherwise. As a person talks about himself, the rest say what they think about him, his looks and character. After everyone has spoken, the lights are switched on, only for all of them to be baffled that they were absolutely wrong about each other.

There is a guy who plays in a rock band in France, a tattooed guy who loves reading psychology books, an Arab guy who loves cooking, an extreme sports athlete, and a guy interested in the Emirati Heritage and Arabic language. It’s funny how the assumptions made about each individual’s appearance and character are actually the complete opposite of who these people really are. In the end, they receive cans with these words, “Labels are for cans, not for people.”

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