Watch a Young Father Sing His Heart Out


There are now many videos on the web which show talented singers online, on TV and on other media platforms. The X-factor is one of the most popular TV shows which allows individuals the ability to take the centre stage and show a selection of judges what they are made of.

In this video we see a young individual by the name of Jeff Gutt who has a dream to support his child by earning a living through the music he creates.

The twist in this scene is that his child has never heard him sing before and will do so in front of millions of people.

The performance begins and the singer decides to carry out a rendition of Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. As soon as he starts singing it is obvious that he has a high level of talent with his singing voice and the crowd are whisked off their feet as he carries out an incredible performance.

By the end of the performance the judges stand and the crowd in the audience are going wild. At the end of the performance when the judges all agree that he is a great singer, his son runs onto the stage and adds a nice twist to the end of the performance. Watch the video and share it on Facebook.