Watching a Basketball Prodigy in Action Playing Against Impossible Odds


Many people think that only very tall people can play basketball. When they imagine basketball prodigies, they don’t imagine adorable little boys who aren’t much taller than the baskets themselves. The basketball prodigy in this video manages to make baskets from hoops that are seven feet in the air or more, but that is probably the least impressive trick that he can pull off with a basketball.

He also manages to throw a basketball over a lofty balcony while still making the shot with the hoop below. He manages to beat both Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum by a wide margin in a contest that involved shooting hoops. They seemed to have taken it pretty well, since they were fine with the footage of themselves being used in the video. This video would probably be a big hit with everyone on Facebook, given how surprising it is and given what it says about athletic ability.