Watching a Cat Fire Chief Trying to Save a Trapped Kitten


Animal videos have achieved a shocking level of popularity throughout the Internet. Videos that involve animals effectively acting out human roles are also popular, largely owing to the sheer incongruity and animals doing these sorts of things in the first place.

In this video, people will get to see a kitten caught in a tree. Rescuing such a kitten is usually the job for a fire department or similar organization. Here, a cat wearing a small firefighter’s costume is rushed out on a toy firetruck to address the issue. The cat crashes the fire truck in the attempt to get there quickly while the soundtrack gets louder. The kitten expresses some exasperated dismay at the end. This is a very brief video that doesn’t even last for half of a minute. It manages to deliver some laughs very quickly, which should make it popular for the people on Facebook who love videos like these.


Young Paperboyz

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