Watching a Dog Operate a Motor Vehicle or Not


Dogs are versatile animals who can do a great many things. Of course, there’s only so much they can do even with all of their talents, given their lack of thumbs. From the looks of this video, this dog appears to have defied those expectations. The dog sits in the driver’s seat of the vehicle while the vehicle is clearly moving, as if the dog is really the one driving.

Later in the video, the dog is seen apparently driving on the highway, once again in the exact same position. Regardless of how viewers choose to interpret the video, it certainly makes for an adorable set of visuals. It’s a memorable video regardless of how the car is being operated. Animal videos of all kinds are popular on Facebook, especially if the animals are doing anything cute or otherwise noteworthy. This video certainly fits the bill, so people on Facebook would eagerly SHARE it.

World Animal Awareness Society

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